Melissa Jo Gordon

Melissa graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2007 with a degree in Sculpture. While Melissa was a student she was greatly influenced by studying abroad in Europe. In Fall 2007 she was able to go on the trip again, this time as the assistant. The program travelled around Europe for five weeks, then spent the rest of the semester in Paris. In 2008 she got married to her longtime best friend.

In 2009, Melissa attended CU Boulder, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Sculpture. At this time Melissa won a contest to design a public art space for a new bridge connecting CU Boulder to a residential housing area. Melissa graduated from CU Boulder in 2011 with her two month old daughter nestled up next to her. At this time Melissa and her family returned to the San Diego area to be closer to family.

Melissa then spent the next few years balancing life as a mother while being an artist. She participated in the WoW festival in 2015 as part of the collective Nettleworks, just after having her son. In 2016, Melissa began teaching again at Point Loma Nazarene University. Melissa has continued to do various works including continuing to work as part of the collective Nettleworks.

In 2019, Melissa and her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee. She is currently teaching part-time online at PLNU and on campus at MTSU. She is also currently working on many projects she hopes to see realized in the next few years.

For more current information, check out her blog, for more professional information, see her CV.